The happy consumer

24 Jun

Eeuww. My last post was cranky. Well, let me make amends. Even though I usually hate consumerism, I actually had an idyllic retail experience today. I went to a shopping center today to pick up a couple of items I’ve been needing for a while: a diamond sharpening stone and screws to replace the ones that fell out of my ski boots.

I got the screws at a hardware store on the ground floor. I brought the boots in and the sales guy helped me find exactly the replacement screws I needed. I would have bought the wrong ones without his help. The screw goes behind the heel and allows you to micro-adjust the boot fit. You can see it in the picture below:

I initially thought that the screws were a hokey marketing trick but experience has proven that they are important for maintaining stability.Without that stability I was damaging my roller skis as can be seen in the following illustration from their manufacturer:


I got the screws, screwed them in, and have felt significant improvements in stability.

Five minutes after getting the replacement screws I was looking at diamond sharpening stones at a store on the third floor. I had a choice of options between 39 and 229 Norwegian Crowns. I need this tool for resharpening the sharp, carbide steel tips of my roller ski poles that are called ferrules. I’ve already replaced them and think without sharpening I’d burn through a pair every week.

Sharp ferrules are essential for safe and enjoyable roller skiing. Otherwise your poles slip and it’s horrible and dangerous.

The stone I finally purchased cost 179 NOK comes from a small company in Swedish Lapland called Dianova:

Not only does he look like a hell of a nice fellow in spite of the dog and leather pants, the tool actually works brilliantly. Just a few strokes and the exceedingly hard carbide steel tip is back in sharp shape. So much better than the cheap diamond file I bought earlier in a wasteful and pointless ten pack set.

So I guess the moral is that sometimes buying stuff, when it’s just what you need and when you find it quickly while dealing with helpful people, can actually be a positive experience. Wierd, isn’t it?


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