Gravel is my enemy

24 Jun

Lovenskiold, the company contracted to do road service in Oslo’s Normarka forest, has recently dropped fresh gravel on all the dirt roads.

I cannot fathom what the point of doing so in the summer might be. In winter it does provide some traction in the snow for vehicle traffic. But in summer the cars just brush it aside. As a result, roads have two narrow gravel-free bands from the car wheels and piled up gravel everywhere else.

Since the bands are too narrow, rollerskiing on smooth terrain becomes next to impossible. From conversations I’ve had, the gravel even annoys cyclists.

I’m afraid Lovenskiold might just be billing the city for a useless service that, incidentally, ruins my fun. The bastards!!!

I’ve now sent the following email to the company:


I have been using the Normarka roads for roller skiing. Mainly from Hammeren to Bjørnholt. This was possible until you dropped gravel on the roads a couple weeks ago. I cannot fathom why this was done. While it does give vehicles traction on the snow in winter, car tires just brush it aside in the summer. My roller ski wheels do not go over it and it even causes problems for cyclists. Though I am sure that gravel dropping is billed to the city of Oslo, I cannot see any benefit to any other party resulting from this “service”.

Best regards,


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