The return of hope

21 Jun

Happy solstice! I don’t mean that in some annoying, pseudo-spiritual, neo-pagan kind of way. I mean it in a “days are getting shorter and the snow is coming back” kind of way. Instead of the weather getting worse and worse from a ski point of view, it just keeps getting better from now on out.

Today we round the corner where the sun will start pumping less and less heat into the northern hemisphere weather system. Ski-related training will now look less and less bizarre as the chill of the impending season starts making itself felt.

Nothing worthwhile comes without effort. With the colder months now on their way people will soon be forced to forget the superficial, easy summer season. They will have to focus again on the things that really matter. Things like the glowing warmth of human relations and the indescribable joy of silently sliding down a moonlit winter path in darkness, with a headlight, with green flavor (extra-cold) kick wax, all while having the most heartfelt, sincere conviction that there’s no place better to be and nothing better to be doing at that moment!


One Response to “The return of hope”

  1. Mom June 22, 2009 at 10:49 pm #

    It also means that Christmas is closer and your annual trip home is not that far away. I agree with your philosophy but do plan to enjoy my summer fruits and vegetables and the lovely warm weather; although, I’ll dream of Christmas if the weather gets much over 85 degrees.

    Keep writing on your blog. I really enjoy it!
    Love, Mom

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