Season’s last trip in Oslo

1 May

01052009Went for my last local trip this season. Starting from Skansebakken in the Krokskogen area, I walked in about 4.5km until I came to a skateable 200m patch of snow. Had I walked in further (and higher) I probably would have found some longer skiing possibilities, but I didn’t want to bang up my skis on the inevitable bare spots and hidden rocks.

I checked out my path and patched up a few places with snow from the side of the road. I then practiced technique drills for about an hour, soaking in the warm spring sun. Not bad, being able to find some skiable snow the 1st of May in a climate much more moderate than the Canadian Plains or the US Midwest.

From here on out it’s roller skiing. I just ordered this model which will let me go on hard packed dirt roads. I’ll therefore be able to do many of the same routes as in winter.

Then some time in november I should be back on snow. The road pictured above is one of the earliest (and latest) places to ski in the Oslo area.


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