Why I swtiched from Google’s blogger.com

13 Apr

I had to move my blog. Google did some maintenance on blogger.com and somehow modified my password. I was locked out. I submitted a request 10 times for a new password email that never came. I pleaded with nonexistent customer support for days, all to no avail. Sometimes I got a cryptic error code with zero intelligible explanation and no promise that it was even being logged or that anyone intended to do anything whatsoever about it . That’s both bad software design and nasty PR. On the way I noticed that some of the Google internal search stuff contained dead links and other such unprofessional quirks. Pretty shoddy for a web company. I’ve also noticed that their desktop search app is inferior to grep text searching tools. Again, quite lame.

I have come inevitably to an unlikely conclusion: Google is incompetent.

For posterity (haha!!!) here’s the my old blog that I can no longer edit.

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