Ski Status monitor

8 Apr


I just made a “Ski status monitor” that tracks information from Friluftsetaten about the trails you want to use. When you minimize the application it puts an icon in the windows Taskbar. Clicking on the icon maximizes the main window.

Bubble Alerts

The Ski status monitor will tell you when a trail you are tracking has been prepped. It will show a bubble alert like the following:


Highlighted Trail Updates

The main window trail listing gets highlighted when the prep status changes:



The SkiStatus.exe.config configuration file lets you set the application configuration parameters. Trails to watch are set as coordinate points that you can find by inspecting the AJAX web service calls toward the interactive map application at You can also set your proxy server address as well as the delay in seconds before the application polls for updated information.

Get it here



One Response to “Ski Status monitor”

  1. Yann April 16, 2009 at 6:00 am #

    J’aime bien l’icône que tu as choisi… Comme ça, ça fait sérieux au travail!


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