5 Apr

movatn4So I finally took my own picture. The fuzzy blur in the bottom left corner is my finger over the lens of my cell-phone camera!

That’s my skate ski that a few instants later was sliding down this lovely trail.

Most people have given up on skiing for the season, which is fine by me. With all the snow we got this winter (best in 26 years) skiing possibilities remain.

I’m actually at the top of the trail here. I had to take my skis off to walk the last bit up to an old mountain farm. Since the road to the farm had been plowed, the thin crust of snow had melted away leaving the bare dirt road. I walked up for the view and in the picture I am now putting my ski back on to go back downhill. It took some huffing and puffing to get up here but it’s easy (and fast) going back down to the trailhead.

Here the sun was shining, the snow soft but still usable and everything was OK with the world. I’m hoping my last ski will fall after May 1. At that point it may require some walking to get to the snow but why not.


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