Hi there Mrs. Moose!

19 Feb

I was out skiing late last night and came nose to nose with a big Moose. I really wasn’t paying attention ahead of me and I mistook the beast for a weird looking skier stopped on the track. When I got within smelling distance of the thing and realized what it was, it took a couple of aggressive steps toward me. I did an instant U-turn and poled myself back down the hill fast.

Then began the waiting game. These things are normally reputed skittish. Not this one. I tried pleading with it to move. It ignored me and continued munching on tree stuff with its giant body blocking the whole trail. I tried yelling at it and waving my sticks. Munch munch munch. No effect. I couldn’t really go around it because that would mean slogging through 1.5 meter deep loose powder. The moose also recognized the difficulty of going off trail and was happy staying on the hard packed ski løype.

I spent 5 long minutes waiting and freezing. Mrs. Moose finally decided that a tree slightly off the track looked tasty. I then skied by and back home. On the way there I spotted a mother moose and its young. Those two were far more reasonable and quickly scurried off as I approached.

There are no more moose burgers in my freezer. I’ll be stocking up.


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